Miss Seen Miss Understood Miss Used



I’m writing this for you
Heart outstretched
Love overflowing
The givers
Women falling in love with love

Miss Seen
Given all your love away
Some man walks around the mall with the essence of you
Like sample spritz perfume
He walks around with all of you
We put up posters
Your face on a carton of milk, you’re gone
Love, trust, merry laughs
Hope,  patience,  joy
Miss seen
Fake smiles, darken hearts replace what was once, you. 

Miss Understood
So close to me could be me
Never gets the timing right
Chasing fire trucks and ambulances of apologies
Playing catch up
Flickering emotions make you hard to read
Are you soft and welcoming
Or shield up, defenses high,  fort Knox
Second guessed and doubted
Genuineness comes off as cheap paint
No matter how many times you put it up
Dries up,  cracks up,  falls apart
Too much is never enough
Maybe that’s where it ends
Miss understood

Miss Used
Best friends with abuse
Face broken in so far, silent
No more than a whisper
Emotionally tortured,  lifeless
Giving out only the best
Loving the wrong ones right
They swarm around her like she’s the queen
Their loud buzzing,  mistaken for hail and worship
Is no more than repeated tracks of laughter
To the joke that she is
Miss used, and confused
Oh poor soul
You’re not built to be unloved like this.

Amoke II coming soon, if you havent read Amoke I, catch up here!!

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