My Wig has fallen off … twice…..

The first time I wore a wig; was in 2008.I had lived a large part of my life as a tom-boy, so even a weave was HUGE for me

… then I was sold the idea of the wig.

“It’s weave that comes off whenever you’re tired of flipping your hair!” they said.

I bought in.


My first near ‘wig- off’ experience was on a windy winter day; While others clutched their jackets fiercely, I clutched my hair- begging with misty eyes- “Abeg, don’t fall off! Let me just get to class!”


My second experience was not so fortunate, but still very low key.

I attended my first church convention and had never felt the overwhelming presence of God- you know the kind that electrifies you to the point of gut wrenching tears.Yeah.

I wept, I wept for all the anger I bottled up, the low self-esteem, the hurt, the everything- I wept.I realized as I dried my eyes that it was quite- ‘breezy’ on my head, but I wasn’t alarmed- I just assumed the fan was on, or that someone opened a window. Out of habit, I flipped my hair.

And nothing flipped


GASP, my wig wasn’t on my head.


Now , (as those of you who have been to conventions know)- amidst the emotional persons like myself are the anointed ones, who are lay blissful under the anointing- problem was, one of them was on my wig!

So yup- best believe I tapped anointed sisters and rolled them over to find it.

I wasn’t so embarrassed by this experience though, because this particular convention was for women only.

The next experience however:


Have you ever watched a game and seen the player so close to scoring a goal

that it made you hold your breath? That’s what my second experience was like, and I should have seen it coming.


Beginning- The first breath taking moment was when my co-worker said something funny.I threw my head backwards in laughter and felt a shift in the atmosphere. I regained myself like nothing happened and decided that chuckles were the way to go.


Middle -It was lunch time, and my coworkers were out of the office. My pen fell on the floor and as I picked it up, my wig fell off. I could hear my co-workers in the hallway. Alarmed, I quickly put my hair on and briskly walked to the bathroom to secure my hair with additional pins.


End( Sigh) : This is where I knew it was all over.

I was face-timing my friend, and God gave me so many opportunities to not be embarrassed- but what did I know.

My friend (male) insisted that he had to go run errands, finish chores- bye, he said. But no, I just had extra comments, extra sarcasm, and extra jokes and for the second time that day, I laughed so hard, throwing my head back in appreciation of my wit.

Only when my head came back to, my hair didn’t!

You see, words cannot describe the seven expressions that were on my friends face before he fell back in laughter.

What’s worse is I didn’t realize for about 10 seconds that my hair was once again on the floor.

Definitely top five embarrassing moments in my life!

It wasn’t so bad- because this person is brother zone, but what if it was potential Bae?

I don’t like being embarrassed, I’m not the type of person to just ‘wing-it’. I like careful planning and strategies. I like to plan for the plan for the plan. I’m not going to somersault in public if I haven’t already done it at home 9,000 times and perfected the art.


Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean that I’m not spontaneous, I could be, but I like to plan and be coordinated.


Truth is however, just the way my wigs were always secured with pins, and shouldn’t have been falling over, life sometimes does that to you.


After all the careful plans and rehearsals, life hands you a curve ball and watches how you’d deal with it.


How would you deal with your wig falling off- ? How would I have dealt with my wig falling off during a team meeting?!


My friend wrote that her mother once took off her wig in church (she’s the pastor) and she shook while on the pulpit. That note gave me so much – air and light.


Being bola discovery: Sometimes you just have to push your face up to the sky and wing it. Just scream out loud, laugh out loud, cry until you have no more tears left, but celebrate life- as you, freely, openly, joyfully- wig on, or off!

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