The Monologues: Episode Three



The monologue is a speech by a singular person to express their mental thoughts and feelings. The series features topics that are extremely personal yet need to be heard.

Beingbola is all about telling stories, through writing, film and photography, the aim is to show people that humanity is a shared experience. No one is alone.
This episode was very challenging to produce. I auditioned several actors and explained the role and the monologue to them but as soon as they read the script, they changed their minds.
Every auditioned ended with the actors saying: “No sane guy is going to do this monologue on camera, forget this episode, move to something else, this is just too much, tone it down“.
The more difficult it was the more I wanted to film!
These stories are real! There are men, who’ve been sexually abused by family, maids, teachers, clergy etc, and this episode is for them.

This Episode features “Peter”

Peter is a pilot.Married to Bertha, and has three sons.

When he as about ten years old, he was sexually abused by his uncle and immediately told his parents about the encounter. Not only was he punished, he was also made to apologize to his uncle.

Peter has been suffering under the weight of his secrets and is beginning to feel like his secrets are choking him, clawing their way out of his skin.


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